The Story of the Success and excellence edge in the production of marble and granite cutting diamond wire, diamond bead, and Segments began in 1990.


The company locating in Erdek village of Balıkesir city and the location selected to be convenient to the quarries in the Western part of Turkey. In the last 10 years with continuous research and development, The company started to export more than 10 Countries and the other regions of Turkey.  Customer Satisfaction with long-lasting and satisfactory cutting speed Diamond wires and segments reach to a very high point.  The philosophy of the production in The company is Using the latest techniques and Technology in Inorder to supply updated performances for The  Marble And Granite Sector.  The research and developments require a serious investment in Laboratory equipment and we are checking every production in the aspect of quality, strength, and performance.  Beside Laboratory checks the performance of the products is following by our special team and collecting data and reports from Each quarry we are serving.  The other key point is helping Customers to choose the right products specially designed for their Natural Stone type and the type of Quarry equipment they are using.  Professionally selected Tools Help them to reduce their costs in Quarries. As a company which is experienced in All types of Stones and their quarries, our Mission is to Supporting Customers to Reduce their costs & decreasing cutting Timings.

Our Company also the main supplier of other consumable Quarry Equipment.

Diamond wires

Everyday Usage fields of Diamond wires are expanding due to the innovation in Diamond wire technology, the wire is used in quarrying, as well as in slabs cutting with single- or multi-wire machines, and in squaring and shaping natural stone and also in construction Works.
Erdek Elmas Aim is to be Updated in the aspect of Technology and Performance. Our company always reaching fort he new requirement of the World Stone sector to keep its products competitive in Price Performance Parameters.

Different dimensions and types of Diamond wires are produced in the Company, Also a new line of Plastic Coated wires and Wires for Multiwire cutting machines are available.  You Can find the Technical details of The Diamond Wires below.